Please, do NOT call if your broken windshield is bigger than the size of a quarter coin. Sunshine Windshield Repairs only do repairs and NOT replacements. A little crack on your windshield should be repaired immediately to prevent it from spreading to a bigger crack.
    Remember, automobile windshields are glasses, and glasses do break and spread. Sunshine Windshield Repairs specializes ONLY in repairing these little cracks to prevent them from spreading to bigger cracks.      
    There are so many reasons why windshield repair just makes sense in today's world and economy. It is sustainable - a big plus for our planet and it is cost-effective. 
    "Repair it, Don't Replace it" A crack on an automobile windshield compromises the safety and structural strength of the windshield. It should be repaired as soon as possible.
     Windshield repair is a mere fraction of the cost of full replacement without the associated risks.
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